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2020 Budget

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Delete 100.00Yearly
Delete 4 new subjects 100.00Yearly
Delete 5ee 100.00Yearly
Delete 5y65ey5y 100.00Yearly
Delete bank fees 100.00Yearly
Delete car insurance 400.00Yearly
Delete car maintenance 600.00Yearly
Delete car related 1200.00Yearly
Delete child education 12000.00Yearly
Delete child extra curricular 2500.00Yearly
Delete clothing 2000.00Yearly
Delete council 1200.00Yearly
Delete drinks 400.00Yearly
Delete eat out 3000.00Yearly
Delete eat out - work 1500.00Yearly
Delete electricity 1800.00Yearly
Delete entertainment 3000.00Yearly
Delete food 100.00Yearly
Delete gas 200.00Yearly
Delete gifts 500.00Yearly
Delete groceries 12000.00Yearly
Delete haircut 100.00Yearly
Delete health insurance 4000.00Yearly
Delete home phone internet and iptv 1000.00Yearly
Delete house maintenance 800.00Yearly
Delete household goods 2500.00Yearly
Delete Investments 3500.00Yearly
Delete Lagoon Exp 100.00Yearly
Delete medical 4000.00Yearly
Delete mobile and long distance calls 500.00Yearly
Delete mortgage 12000.00Yearly
Delete petrol 2000.00Yearly
Delete public transport 1500.00Yearly
Delete Snacks 100.00Yearly
Delete transport 100.00Yearly
Delete travel/holiday 8000.00Yearly
Delete w 100.00Yearly
Delete water 800.00Yearly
Delete well-being and appearance 2000.00Yearly
Delete work related 1500.00Yearly
Total Yearly Budget87500